Orange Kiwi Management Accountancy is an accounting company that supports you in:

  • Streamlines day-to-day including tax returns
  • Real time financial insights
  • Reduced data entry
  • Cost cutting
  • Productivity increase
  • Gaining valuable financial overview and insight into your business

We are passionate about the hugely powerful impact cloud integration is having in driving down costs and increasing productivity.

We help you discover the benefits of E-Commerce and inventory management systems combined with your accounting software.


Making contact is not at a price, we want you to call, we want to know whats going on and be a part of the discussion.



Decisions need data, and you need to know your data is accurate and up-to date.

As a company you are looking for processes and systems that improve efficiencies.

OrangeKiwi uses online systems that facilitate fast and efficient data capture that helps manage your company’s cash flow and working capital:

  • Bill processing is highly automated
  • Invoices written directly online, ready to be emailed to your clients
  • Bank transactions integrated in the system
  • Purchases / Invoices reconciled against bank transactions
  • Live overview of accounts payable / receivable
  • Criteria based reminders emailed to your clients based on live positions
  • Cashflow forecasts then calculated on live bank balance and updated account payable and receivable (essential during cash squeezes)




IT systems


Coming from a banking background I am very familiar with engineering information flows.

In accounting this is also the new norm. We follow the idea that information should only ever be keyed in once, be it sales person making an invoice, or the computer extracting data from a bill.

From this point we build bridges so that this information flows through our systems to be used real time as valuable information to steer the company.

To this extent we are passionate about exploiting the huge benefits of systems that integrate with Xero.

Add-ons – Xero is online, and so are many other very functional tools. We want to make the most of them, and have experience not limited to inventory management systems, cash flow budgeting systems and company consolidation systems.

Management Accounting

Many businesses owners are stopped from moving forward because they cannot make a decision, usually because they feel they don’t have enough information to make the right decision.

The management accountant uses the live data and reporting capabilities of Xero to provide the analysis and help the business owner make strong business decisions.

During the onboarding process we review what is driving your company, what goals are you aiming for, and then configure the reports to capture the indicators that help us control and steer towards those goals.

These monthly reports then keep us on track and help discover issues as they happen, as opposed to only discovering any issues at the end of year.

Risk Management

From my background in investment banking we can create a risk management strategy and action this with our direct market access account.

Risk management is about reducing market risk, be it in FX or commodities.

This would be beneficial for any company who is dealing in lot sizes, i.e. a container of coffee.

This is bespoke and not part of the fixed fee plan.